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CM2 Supreme | 240 tablets
CM2 Supreme | 240 tablets
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CM2 Supreme | 240 tablets

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What is CM2 Supreme?

Regardless of the sport, every athlete craves the feeling of full, hard muscles. A skin-stretching pump not only gives you the immediate reward of knowing you've given everything you've got, it also keeps you motivated. An intense pump also means you've achieved full muscle cell volume, and that equates to increased blood flow and a natural anabolic environment which is key to growth and repair.

Creatine HCL
CM2 Supreme contains molecularly-altered creatine that withstands the stomach's degradation process and prevents conversion to creatinine, an unwanted byproduct of lower-quality and unstable creatine products. This means you get to fully experience all the positive attributes of creatine, including added muscle mass and increased strength and endurance.

It's not just about creatine, though. CM2 Supreme also contains power-producing b-Alanine, a precursor to carnosine which buffers lactic acid. By buffering lactic acid, you can effectively train longer, harder, and with more strength because of the delayed onset of fatigue and muscle burn.

The cell signalling agent Di-L-Arginine-L-Malate brings all the ingredients in CM2 Supreme together for even more synergy, and it further adds to the volumizing effects by allowing increased nutrient delivery, oxygen uptake, and glycogen storage. Cramming all this into your muscle cells equates to massive muscle pumps.

CM2 Supreme is the super muscle volumizer that will help you train longer and harder and look more muscular.

Supplement Facts:

  •  Increased muscle cell volume for intense pumps
  •  Full absorption for complete nutrient delivery
  •  Enhanced oxygen uptake and glycogen storage
  •  Less fatigue buildup for prolonged intensity
  •  Reduced post-workout soreness for quick recovery

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