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All You Need to Know About Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy is a non-invasive and pain-free procedure to help with the drainage of your lymphatic fluid and is designed to enhance the flow of your lymphatic system. It improves circulation and helps in detoxifying the body. Also, it can potentially make your arms and legs look slimmer and ease multiple aches. Naturally, with time, the flow of lymph fluid in your body gets congested due to protein and toxin being trapped. This affects your immune system and results in loose skin or cellulite. Pressotherapy helps give your body a natural boost to function better and kickstarts your circulation to lose fat and give you the stunning glow which you need.

How Does the Whole Treatment of Pressotherapy Work?

The whole procedure of pressotherapy is as easy as its name. The device comes with a central control unit that allows air to flow through the complete suit (provided with the machine) which covers the patient’s body. Furthermore, the suit has several parts to cover each area of the body, limbs, and abdomen. This treatment usually requires eight sessions of up to forty

minutes to see drastic changes. One session per week is a healthy start and you will start noticing amazing results from week four. Moreover, after the completion of the treatment, regular maintenance sessions are the secret key to keeping the effect of the treatment long lasting. The central unit comes with a compressor and is responsible for pumping air through different tubes for each part of the body. Depending on the treatment you chose, the whole process of swelling each part of the suit and then deflating it goes on for several cycles. This is how a pressotherapy treatment helps reactivate the circulation and keep you well.

What are the Benefits of Pressotherapy?

 As the procedure uses an air pressure machine and suit to squeeze your arms, legs, and abdomen, it helps with circulation and is quite similar to a massage. Furthermore, there is evidence pressotherapy can help reduce cellulite and release fluid from your lymph nodes. This treatment is ideal for people after certain surgeries or cancer survivors. Moreover, this treatment stimulates your body’s lymphatic system, and when the lymphatic system works in optimal condition, it transports fluid to help fight any infection. To name a few, pressotherapy helps in relaxing your muscles, reducing cellulite appearance, stiffness in limbs removes harmful toxins, helps build a stronger immune system stimulates the absorption of interstitial fluids, provides a relaxing the effect, and creates general wellbeing. Moreover, pressotherapy is a legit the procedure used to treat sagging, orange peel, any lymphatic issues poor circulation, joint problems, before and aftercare of liposuction, edema, menopause, muscle problems, constipation, lethargy, weight gain, stretch marks, and even postpartum care.

Who Cannot Take Benefits From Pressotherapy?

Unfortunately, there are certain medical conditions that do not complement well with pressotherapy. The treatment should not be used when there are ulcers, blood pressure issues, lymphangitis, varicose veins, inflammatory arthritis, neoplasms, or while being pregnant, or with cardiocirculatory decompensation. Moreover, asthma patients, heart patients, and people

with the risk of kidney or respiratory failure should use pressotherapy. Furthermore, remember to not strain your shoulders, arms, or neck during the procedure. Avoid massaging in an area that is infected.

What are Some Extra Steps that Make Your Treatment Even More Pleasing?

Always keep in mind to use the machine with light pressure and keep your hands relaxed. The ideal technique is to put a little pressure, stretch the skin gently and release the pressure from underneath. In addition, if you see your muscles underneath your hand, you might be pressing too hard. Furthermore, use your palms instead of your fingers to stimulate the lymph vessels. Remember, the purpose of this treatment is not to make you uncomfortable, so stay comfortably seated and enjoy your massage! If there is more area to be covered, take your time with each body part and thoroughly go through all steps before moving to the next ones.

What are Some Precautions to be Taken Before and After the Treatment?

If you have taken the life-changing decision of Do pressotherapy, walking just another extra mile by following some simple steps that will help you obtain even better results. Avoid eating large portions of food before treatment as it might make you queasy with all the air pressure on your abdomen area. Empty out your bladder before the session so you never have to leave the relaxing massage in the middle. Moreover, it is ideal to do some simple stretching exercises and free up your muscles. Always drink lots of water after your session and avoid any carbohydrates during the treatment period. Look out for slight irritation on your skin and treat it as there are no serious side effects but some people have complained about temporary irritation. Moreover, you do not need to remove clothes or change into something specific for this treatment, just wear the suit. Keep in mind that this procedure is not meant to give you any pain, you should feel pressure but there should never be any pain. Also, feeling a little light, anecdotally, and having the urge to urinate is very normal, it occurs due to the movement of water in your body.

How does Pressotherapy Treatment Exactly Help Your Health?

Now let’s talk science! If you have a little knowledge about pressotherapy you will understand how it actually helps your health. Firstly, it is extremely important to use the machine correctly, consult a professional before buying a machine. The treatment improves the movement of fluids which increases the speed of blood flow and reduces the stagnation and retention process. Also, the increased interstitial pressure reduces the lymphatic load and the lymphatic flow increases and Oedema reduces. All these scientific facts are researched and proven to help make pressotherapy make an enjoyable and beneficial experience for you.