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Skin hemp oil: how to use it

Are your skin dehydrated and your hair dried and bleached? Using hemp oil for skin and hair health can be your perfect turning point! This is a simple and natural remedy that it is also used by Hollywood stars so that to regenerate their skin! Here are all the secrets so that to use hemp oil in cosmetics and re-moisturizing and nourishing your body.

Skin hemp oil: how it works

Hemp oil for the skin is became very "fashionable" in the last period, but it is a much older remedy: hemp oil, in fact, is an original product of Central Asia used since ages in Traditional Medicine as a natural anti-aging and moisturizing remedy for dry and dehydrated skin. Hemp oil, in fact, is a product rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, essential for the health of the skin. Due to the high concentration of vitamins and mineral salts, hemp oil acquires important lenitive, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Hemp oil for the skin has an absorbent, nutritional and restorative function, especially in case of excessive skin dryness. The same features make hemp oil a great ally for hair health.

Why choose hemp oil for the skin

Hemp oil for antioxidant skin

Hemp oil contains vitamins, mineral salts and fatty acids: all these components help skin oil to reduce wrinkles and create an antioxidant action on the tissues. Hemp oil, especially if used pure, is ideal to help limiting the action of free radicals and cellular aging. It is recommended to use the product before going to sleep to let it act overnight.

Heavy oil for dry or frizzy hair

In addition to being a skin health supporter, hemp oil is also used as a restorative in the case of dry and frizzy hair. The nutrients rich in hemp oil are able to penetrate deep into the root of the hair and give softness to the hair. To prepare hemp based packs, it is advisable to mix the oil with other useful vegetable oils such as flax or coconut oil. Hemp oil is functional if it is used above all on the tips.

Hydration and nourishment

Experts recommend the use of hemp oil for the skin and hair as its active substances are useful in counteracting deep dehydration phenomena. Vitamins from group B, A, C and PP, as well as the high concentrations of magnesium, iron and other mineral salts are of crucial importance to restore the hydro-lipid balance and return lost nutrients. Its absorbing power, moreover, does not leave its feeling on the skin even if it is used pure. If you do not want to use it this way, you can safely opt to dilute it in face and body creams or use it to make hair wraps.

Heavy oil for soothing skin

In addition to being effective in case of dry skin and acting as anti-wrinkle, hemp oil is a beneficial action in the case of dermatitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis or skin itching: it is a product suitable for treating various skin imperfections effectively. Hemp oil acts as antibacterial and antifungal, resulting in a powerful ally against the mycoses. Even diluting the oil with aloe vera or other substances will get you an effective antibacterial.

Anti-foam hemp oil

The properties of hemp oil make it a valuable help even in the case of dandruff: applying it on the skin and on the hair when suffering from this disorder is excellent to reduce the problem. It is good to apply the oil directly to the skin and massage it for a few minutes.

Other benefits of hemp oil

In addition to using hemp oil for your skin or other cosmetic purposes, you can also use oil to:

  • Reinforce your immune system
  • Reduce respiratory disturbances
  • Prevent colitis
  • Reduce menstrual pain
  • Keep cholesterol checked
  • Reduce the pain of arthritis
  • Provide well-being to the nervous system

Advice on the use of hemp oil for the skin

How to properly use hemp oil for the skin? In order to keep the properties of hemp oil unaltered, it is advisable to use it pure. It can also be mixed to create creams and wraps if you want to dilute it. It can also be used in the kitchen, adding it raw to vegetables, salads, soups or anything else. It can also take on its own, up to a maximum of 3 teaspoons per day. Store in a refrigerator and consume within one month of opening.